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Mommy & Me is a family owned 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD ultrasound centre with locations in The Annapolis Valley and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We’re bringing a modern approach to elective ultrasounds and providing unforgettable experiences for expectant mothers without sacrificing comfort or accuracy!


Choose us for an intimate and inclusive viewing session including several services such as sex determinations, listening to your sweet baby’s heartbeat, and watching their movements.


Along with a comforting experience, at Mommy & Me Ultrasounds you can expect cutting edge technology  including amazing high definition imaging! HD provides our clients with high resolution, hyper-realistic images of the fetus revealing a more realistic skin tone and detailed facial features. We are the proud to be the 1st centre in Canada to offer HD imaging!


Reach out today to book a session and create a lasting memory!


Hi, Mama! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Nearly a decade ago, I saw a gap in women’s health and pregnancy care. During my own pregnancies, I had wished for an experience that would help me connect with my baby, while providing the same opportunity to my partner. After extended additional training and meticulous planning, I took the risk and transitioned into elective ultrasounds!

Over the last 9 years, I have created an environment that promotes so much love, inclusivity, and heart warming memories. I can’t wait to meet you, and share the amazing experience of meeting your new sweet baby!




HD Fetal Ultrasound


Such a welcoming and professional environment. It was so comforting to see our baby in the early stages, and to find out the gender when it was time! Would highly recommend this service to any expecting moms. The memories and images are once in a life time!

Mommy and me is the perfect place to see your little one. The room is big enough for friends and family, the television is massive so that you can see your little bundle of joy with no trouble at all, and the technicians are phenomenal at the work they do. I dont regret going there at all and would go there again for my second child.

We have come to Mommy & Me with all three of our babies and the experience is always fantastic! The tech makes us feel comfortable and we get the best pictures every time!! Thank you so much Mommy & Me

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an elective ultrasound?

We offer 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD ultrasounds that provide a loving bonding experience for entertainment purposes! This allows us to focus on capturing realistic images and videos for you to keep forever!

Does this take the place of a routine ultrasound with a healthcare provider?

NO! It is important that our clients understand this is not a medical or diagnostic procedure in any way. 

Will you be able to tell me the sex of my baby?

Yes! At 15 weeks you are ready to come and have a sex determining session.

What happens if we are unable to get good images or determine the sex?

Don’t worry! We offer a complimentary mini session if the initial session isn’t successful.

Please note that factors such as baby’s position, placenta placement, etc. can have an impact on image quality and clairty.

*This does not apply to clients that are more than 32 weeks in gestation*

How can I prepare for my session?

You don’t need a full bladder, but we do recommend lots of hydration leading up to your appointment! We also notice that having something sweet to eat or drink soon before your appointment can get baby moving.

Are ultrasounds safe for me and my baby?
Yes! Ultrasounds have been used for clinical purposes for over 40 years and have not be found to cause harm to Moms or babies! Ultrasound machines use high frequency sounds waves, and routine scanning of pregnancies is widely used across North America.

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